January 2017 – News Update


Government backs projects to help safeguard vulnerable children – DfE- December 2016

Nine projects with ambitious plans to tackle specific forms of abuse affecting children have been awarded a share of government grant funding in 2016 to 2018, worth more than £2 million. The projects will work directly with children, young people and their families, as well as schools, communities and social care professionals. Three projects will use the funding to tackle radicalisation in London, Lancashire and Walsall, 2 projects will address safeguarding young girls from female genital mutilation (FGM). The organisations are:

  • Midaye Somali Development Network
  • Foundation for Women’s Health Research Development (FORWARD)
  • Street Teams
  • Victim Support
  • Kidscape
  • Sheffield Futures
  • Home Start UK
  • The Church of England Children’s Society
  • Tavistock Relationships


Phonics screening check and key stage 1 assessments: England 2016 – DfE – Updated December 2016

This provisional information on the 2016 phonics screening check and assessments at key stage 1, including breakdowns by pupil characteristics now includes the disadvantaged pupil data.


National curriculum assessments: key stage 2, 2016 (revised) – DfE – December 2016

This is revised information on the 2016 national curriculum assessment at key stage 2, including breakdowns by pupil characteristics.


Schools national funding formula: stage 2 – DfE – December 2016

This is the government’s response to the consultation submissions received and the response to the next steps for the national funding formula.


The consultation on Stage 2 of the consultation is now open and will close on 22nd March. The DfE invites your views on We invite your views on:

  • the weighting for each factor in the schools national funding formula
  • the transition to the formula
  • the implementation of the formula

For more information and your opportunity to respond visit: https://consult.education.gov.uk/funding-policy-unit/schools-national-funding-formula2/

High Needs Funding Reform – DfE – December 2016

This is the government response to the consultation that ran from March to April 2016 and the government’s response outlining the next steps.


The consultation on the next stage can be found at https://consult.education.gov.uk/funding-policy-unit/high-needs-funding-reform-2/

If you would like to contribute to the FLSE response on the High Needs Funding proposals please visit the consultation page on the FLSE website, log in, go to the community area of the web-site and add your responses to the questions.

Please submit your responses by 17th March 2017.

New Money to support SEND reforms – DfE – December 2016

The government have announced £40m ‘new burdens’ grant to support local authorities in 2017/2018 and a high needs strategic planning fund for 2016/2017. The money (known as ‘new burdens’) will support the final year of the transitional activity. Money to support Independent Support and Parent Carer Forums will also be announced in January. Local authorities have also received high needs strategic planning fund in 2016-17 to support their planning on how to deploy their high needs budget most effectively if schools have much greater control over their funding. Further information about these funds and their allocations can be  found at:



Invitations to tender for SEND contracts – DfE – December 2016

The Department for Education has published seven Invitations to Tender for contracts to support special educational needs (SEN) and disability in 2017-18. The seven contracts will provide total funding of up to £4,812,000 in 2017-18.  They are open to voluntary and community sector organisations, social enterprises and others bidding on a not-for-profit basis.

Information can be found on the Contracts Finder website https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Search