March 2016 – End of Term Update

teaching child how to read the newspaper

Schools national funding formula consultation – 7th March 2016 – DfE

The government have announced the consultation that will be the start of the process of introducing a national funding formula from 2017 to 2018. This represents an important move towards a system where school funding is allocated on a consistent national formula. As part of this, local authorities will receive funding to help with their responsibilities towards young people with high-level special educational needs on a fair and formulaic basis, so that no pupil is disadvantaged simply by where they live.

The closing date for responses is 17th April.

Education White Paper – Educational Excellence Everywhere – March 2016 – DfE

The education white paper outlines plans to transform England’s schools and build on the progress that has already been made. Alongside a blueprint for a system of full academisation, the white paper outlines significant changes to teacher qualifications which will recognise teachers for the experts that they are and give teaching the same status as doctors and lawyers.

Alongside this are plans to better develop and train the next generation of school leaders and ensure they are working where they are needed most. This is part of the government’s commitment to empower and extend the reach of the best leaders.

Full details can be found on the DfE website

Mental health and behaviour in schools – Updated March 2016 – DfE

This document originally published in June 2014 has been updated to include reviewed source documents and updated references and website links.–2

SEND: guide for health professionals – Updated March 2016 – DfE

This document originally published in September 2014 has been updated to include SEND resources for health care professionals.

 Local area SEND inspection consultation – Response document – March 2016 – Ofsted

From May, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission will inspect local areas’ responsibilities to children and young people with SEND. They will do this by:

  • assessing how well the local area identifies children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • evaluating how effectively the local area meets the needs and improves the outcomes of children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • using a wide range of information to evaluate how effectively the local area fulfils its responsibilities
  • talking to children and young people, and their parents and carers, and local partners, including nurseries, schools, colleges and specialist services

To read the consultation response go to the Ofsted website

Ofsted to directly manage early year’s inspections

Ofsted will have full control over the selection, training and management of early years inspectors from April 2017. Bringing early years inspection under direct management means that Ofsted will have full control over the selection, training and management of inspectors, and complete oversight of the quality of inspection.

School inspection newsletter – March 2016

This newsletter provides inspectors and stakeholders with information and guidance about Ofsted’s inspection work in schools.

Key stage 1 tests: how to use access arrangements – March 2016 – STA

This document provides guidance for teachers and headteachers about access arrangements for pupils to participate in the 2016 key stage 1 national curriculum tests.

2016 national curriculum tests for key stages 1 and 2: information for parents – March 2016 – STA

The Standards and Testing Agency have produced a booklet for parents of children who will be taking national curriculum tests at the end of KS1 and KS2 this summer.

School Transport Matters – A report on school transport provision across the UK – March 2016 – STC

The School Transport Consultancy recently published their findings in regard to the crisis in school transport especially for children with SEND.

Flying with Diabetes

The Airport Parking Blog recently highlighted the concerns of people with diabetes when they are flying. This information might be relevant to share with parents.